Being Vulnerable | Soul Seekr

Like being authentic, or “authentically you” … “being vulnerable” is a trendy content approach.

There’s just something about being true and real … and an honest approach. It resonates with people.

We all have feelings and emotions and oftentimes in business we ignore this truth and focus on the exterior “front” — if you will. I’m here to tell you it’s okay to be vulnerable and it’s not just for the sake of being on trend. In fact, at least in written form — I rarely put myself in a position of vulnerability publicly.

As you likely noticed by now, I’m not writing about marketing and branding as I usually do. I wanted to take a moment and be real with you, my loyal reader. I appreciate you. With so many noises and distractions throughout the day I appreciate you taking the time to read this because in reality my hope is not to get my story out, but to help you with the same internal battles you face that I am facing.

Beneath the Surface

On the surface everything looks amazing… in my case it’s my lifestyle, my business, the amazing event we just wrapped up at eBay’s HQ called “PitchTank”.

One could easily look at this life and think to themselves, “Wow, Sam really has it figured out”. AND, yes I do realize how cocky and egotistical that may come across. The truth is though, I’m extremely proud of my business life and I know my worth. HOWEVER, there is something behind these walls that people don’t know…

I’m miserable.

Yes, I said it.

I feel as though I have it all. I have an amazing business and lifestyle that I am so grateful for. In fact, daily I say in my mind during my meditations everything I am grateful for…

I am grateful for:

  • My Health
  • My Family
  • My Business
  • My Lifestyle
  • My Financial Situation
  • To live in the United States of America, and taking it a bit deeper to live in California and in Silicon Valley.

I am so incredibly grateful for all of this, yet… I’m miserable.

How can this be?

I’ll tell you… if you follow my Mojo Monday’s podcast, then you likely already know my philosophy. In essence, I firmly believe that to have a great life, it all starts with your Monday. Your Monday starts with your work life. In turn if you don’t have a great work life, how can you ever have a great personal life?!

Here’s what I’ve been missing the whole time though…

Does having a great work life equate to having a great personal life?

The answer is NO, having a great work life in no way means you will be happy with your personal life.

I made a mistake. I made a colossal mistake that I don’t know if I can rectify and it captures my thoughts daily.

For the past 3 years, I have put my work life over my relationship. My relationship with the woman that means more than anything to me. Despite, however proud I can feel about my work accomplishments — there’s no way I can hold my head high within my personal relationship with the woman I love. I took her for granted because I was too focused on work. Worst, by the time I recognized this she had already been out of my life and moved on mentally from our relationship.

Thus, the misery set in.

The point of this is to remember one of my favorite quotes of all time. Rocky Balboa said it best… “it’s not about how hard you can hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward”.

So, my loyal reader — I urge you with all my heart to never lose sight of your why. Your why, as I often talk about on the Mojo Monday’s podcast, is your driving passion that guides your decision making.

Here’s what I’ve been getting wrong this whole time… your why isn’t business related.

Your WHY is centered around your personal life because the truth is that if you can be truly happy in your personal life that will shine through in your business life.

Be honest with yourself, look at the face you see in the mirror — and if you don’t like what you see — get up and do something about it. This is your life, make it the very best life you can live.

As always my friends, let me know what you think about this take — love it or hate it; I want to know.