#91: Kambo | Bufo | Mushrooms in ONE DAY (Full Immersion) with Pal | Soul Seekr

In this episode, Palvinder Jagait returns the favor and interviews Sam about his experience in a full-day immersion with 3 different medicines: Kambo, Bufo, and mushrooms. (You can check out episode 88 to recap on Bufo.)

Sam explains to Pal how the three medicine combo was one of the most heart-opening experiences ever, describing each of the ceremonies involved, and the mental state before, during, and after.

Pal questions him about the physical challenges experienced as well as the physical and spiritual benefits. For Sam, Bufo felt like a software upgrade, whereas mushrooms were less visual and more cerebral. It was more realizations about people in his life, especially his parents in this particular case. Sam describes just how open his heart felt and how much love flowed from that day.

One of his takeaways from the immersion experience was the power of journaling, as a means to really find what needs to come out. It’s a form of channeling and it plays a huge part in our soul life balance.


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