#92: Living in Your Truth with Shane Riley | Soul Seekr

Sam talks with Shane Reilly about his incredible journey, climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, the painful journey that took him to that adventure, about what it means to be Sovereign, and also about open relationships.

Throughout the podcast, you can really feel Shane’s energy, it’s one that really draws you in and allows you to be fully present.

Shane is a connoisseur of new things, new perceptions, and seeing the world through others’ eyes. His experiences over the past 2 years have led him to the most beautiful self-discoveries, experiencing life through his own lens and canceling out the noise of others’ expectations.

Shane’s transition story started in the depths of hell after a failed suicide attempt. Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro was his last chance at life, by proving his worthiness to himself. Luckily, Shane came down the mountain high on life but not without inner struggles and physical hardship, which he shares in a very honest way.

Sam then goes on to ask Shane about Sovereignty, the concept of making aware choices, based on “me and me alone”. Not to be confused with selfishness, this is about being alone and being ok, being self-sufficient in your own completeness.

The conversation also touches on Shane’s approach to plant medicines and how, for him, they are a tool to see the truth of himself for himself. The episode concludes with Shane’s insights on open relationships and how that connects with the idea of sovereignty.


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