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Akashic Records

The Akashic Records could be thought of as the library for souls. Now, as I dive into explaining what the Akashic Records are; please keep in mind I’m no expert at this, but simply telling you what I’ve heard and about my own personal experience.

In your mind’s eye, think of the largest library you can imagine. Books upon books upon rows with never ending ladders to the top. These “records” aren’t actually written, it just helps us to imagine where this information is coming from. The records hold all the life history of all the souls to cross Earth.

To “open” the records, you’ll need a specialist that can conduct a “ceremony” to unveil your soul’s history. My good friend and mentor has highly been recommending me getting my records “read” to me for a couple years now. I finally took his advice and looked into my soul’s history.

What I Found

I learned a lot of interesting tidbits about my soul ranging from my Syrian & Arcturian starseed roots to a deeper understanding of my role and purpose.

The person conducting the reading is in a way channeling spirit guides as they give the records to her for her to translate to me. The first thing the spirit guides said was, “Welcome back, this soul has been here many times before”.

Immediately I was blown away. I’ve never looked into my Akashic Records in this current lifetime. I’ve always felt deeply spiritual so it came as no surprise that I was being welcomed back and that I had been here in previous lives.
I have a recurring memory from when I was around 9 years old… My Dad was working on his tractor and I must have just came home from Sunday School as a Jewish youngster and asked my Father, “Dad, if G-d created us, then who created G-d?” That’s when my Dad turned to me and said, “That’s the mystery of life” and went back to working on his tractor. I’ve always came back to this almost as an anchor memory as the birthing of my thirst for spirituality.

Sometimes I feel like I was born into this current life just wanting to grow up because I had unfinished business. I remember clearly thinking as a very very very young kid that everything I did was pointless because I already knew it and just wanted to be 22 years old. For whatever reason, I had 22 in my mind maybe it’s because it was my jersey number? Anyway, I know this feeling for kids is pretty common. But, mine wasn’t so much that I knew things because obviously I didn’t know much. It was more about a feeling of unfinished business…

Girl Playing in the Field

A few months ago I did a past life regression hypnosis. In short, it’s supposed to get you in touch with previous lives by putting you under hypnosis. I didn’t get much out of it. However, I did have a vision of a little girl playing in an open field. I had no idea what this was about and recently (after the hypnosis), I’ve started to see this girl playing in the field in my mind’s eye more and more.

Naturally, when my Akashic Records were open, I asked what this vision is all about…

It’s my daughter from a previous life. The facilitator of this experience went on to tell me that I was in the military in World War 1 and that I had died in the war. Through various questions I learned that my daughter from this most immediate past life is now my spirit guide in this current life. She was talking with the facilitator to communicate with me and even called me “Papa”.

I’ll pause right here. If I lost you, then so be it. I get it. This isn’t for everyone. This is going deep.
Deep, below the surface.
I do believe in this, but totally understand why some could be skeptical. With that, let’s continue…

My daugther from this past life said her and I re-connected after her death and before my re-birth in this current form. She’s staying on the other side to be a spirit guide. Can you imagine the chills I had when I was taking this all in?

I’m not an overly emotional guy, but you better believe I fought back a couple tears when I heard this. So many emotions and realizations about myself came bursting in this split second.
All my life I have always felt that I was going to die at a young age and truthfully, I’m talking about the current age I’m at now. Late 20’s to early 30’s. I imagine when I died in the war in this previous life I had to be in this age range. This trauma that is stamped on my soul has carried over to this current life. This was just one thing that came crashing in.
The fact, that I was communicating with a daughter from a previous life gave me the reassurance to my blind faith. It gave me the true reminder that we are eternal beings. That there is something on the other side and that we do have the power to tap into it.

They also told me that in my previous life I was very disheartened by the war in my previous life and that I had been questioning humanity. Those of you that follow my content, know that this is a continuous theme in my current life.

To conclude this experience, I do want to end on a bit of a more light note. I was told that I am a record keeper of souls. In a way I’m a librarian myself and that my role and purpose in this lifetime is to share the wisdom I have within my being and to help other humans in this lifetime. This gives me solace as I look at the path I’m on now and see that I’m on the right path.

My friends, I will continue to go deeper on this journey and putting words like these out there in the internet is not an easy thing to do. Talking about plant medicine and Ayahuasca and being open for ridicule because that’s a schedule 1 drug is one thing. But, for a man to be open and transparent about his feelings — well, I’m sure you can imagine the difficulty…

Please, if this helped you find meaning in your own life in anyway — please reach out. That’s what keeps me going!

Peace & Love My Friends,