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Sometimes I wonder if I’m doing too much. People often ask me, “How are you able to do so much?”
Oftentimes, honestly I’m confused by the question.
In reality, I feel guilty sometimes.
I feel guilty because I “work” less than 4 hours a day, but what I forget is on the outside it seems as though I must be working all day everyday.

I do need to give myself credit because I consider “work” something different than most. The 4 hours a day I “work” is for my Swag business. Work to me means the tasks I do myself that directly results into revenue. 

The other hours of the day that include blogging, podcasting, creating video’s and overall just living the life as a content creator. This is not something I consider as work. Partially because I genuinely enjoy it and the other side of it is because creating content doesn’t directly correlate into profit. Well, that’s about to change…

My first book, Success with Swag(ger), was all about how to start working with VA’s (virtual assistants). I published this book on May 1st of 2018 and within months I became known within the Swag industry as “The VA Guy”. This was a fine outcome but it didn’t help me generate sales for my business. For whatever reason the topic of VA’s has had a very strong interest within my own industry. As you might guess, it’d be a tough task to sell the items I do (Swag) to my suppliers and/or my competitors … or even the service providers within the Swag industry! So, for this reason my first book did nothing other than to build my personal brand (which btw I am in no way discounting the value of becoming an Author if only to build your personal brand no matter who the audience is – it’s done me wonders despite not bringing in direct revenue).

Fast forward to over a year after my VA book was published and I’m sitting here on a Tuesday night diving head first into a new challenge. Online Courses. 

Podcasting, Writing Books, and Video Creation were all something I taught myself to build my personal brand out of straight passion. I didn’t take up any of these interests to directly expect revenue as an outcome. 

Well, now that I’m learning how to build (and sell) online courses things have changed. After being named to the Silicon Valley Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 List I realized now would be the time to take my personal brand to the next level. In the past 3 years alone I published 3 books, produced over 5 podcasts and launched several YouTube shows … all on top of running a thriving Swag business!
With all these accolades, how can I not leverage my knowledge and expertise as it relates to VA’s.

If I sound braggadocious, then I apologize. I truly don’t mean to come off that way. I’ve learned that there is a careful balance between the impostor syndrome and knowing your worth.

See, most of the time I’m thinking to myself “Who am I really” / “Does anything I do even matter”… but, in reality we all have value. Truthfully, none of us have the same value. I don’t bring the value Tim Ferriss (as an example) would bring to the table. But, I do have a specific value (niche) in building your personal brand through content marketing… this is something I know I can teach coupled with the use of working with VA’s to not burn yourself out.

If any of this resonates with you at all; and if you want to learn the steps I take to work less while getting more done (counter intuitive I know), then would you consider being a Founding Member to my first Online Course?

Here’s what I can promise you
If you sign-up for this newsletter (which is FREE by the way!) then in return I will give you a special discount code for when my first VA course goes live!

Don’t worry, the course isn’t going to be one of those overpriced courses that scares people away. I’ve been burned as you likely have over the years and I know the value of treating people like people and starting from the bottom to get to the top.

I want to get to the top together. I’m not trying to get rich off making courses. I believe in the philosophy of “a rising tide lifts all boats” and therefore I truly do want to see you succeed and will put everything I have into getting our Founding members the success I know is within you! Afterall, your success is my success.

So, if you’re interested in learning more, then just leave your email on this list so that when the course is ready I can send you a special invite 🙂

Thank you so much for your continued support and I look forward to seeing you on the other side!
Sam AKA SwagSam