Ep: 151 The Transformation of a Sex Worker to an Energy Healer w/ Vanessa Spiva | Soul Seekr

Vanessa Spiva is one of my good friends. Her story is amazing and something we can all learn from.

  • Connect w/ Vanessa: https://www.instagram.com/sacred__soul____/
  • Vanessa’s Website: Energy Work | Sacred Soul Energetics
  • Vanessa’s Bio
    Vanessa went from Stripper to Sex Worker to Realtor to Healer. She went from being lost in life, dependent on drugs, alcohol, and sex to having an unexpected healing breakthrough within 1 week. Plant medicine initiated her into her healing journey. It taught her how to heal herself by doing Shamanic work, a self- exorcism, and working with the Quantum Field and mutli-dimensional healing. Through those initial experiences Vanessa became receptive to performing intuitive healings on family and friends. Simultaneously she is devoted to her own deep inner healing and also expanding her energy and abilities to help others. Vanessa uses her darkest days to help her understand and navigate the challenging experiences others may be facing. Vanessa is passionate about dismantling fragmentation. She is devoted to reconnecting people to themselves, their inner child, their shadow aspects, their higher self, and reconnecting all things that need to be integrated and repaired emotionally, mentally, physically, and energetically.
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