Ep 192: Navigating Spiritual Awakenings w/ Aaron Abke | Soul Seekr

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Welcome to the Soul Seekr Podcast! Today’s guest is someone I’ve been following on YouTube for years. He’s a spiritual teacher, a life coach, and a sought-after speaker on the Law of One. 

I’m thrilled to welcome Aaron Abke to the show. Aaron’s YouTube presence is so huge that Gaia, the TV network for spirituality and mindfulness content, reached out to him and offered him his own show to teach about the Law of One.

In this episode, we get to know Aaron on a deeper level. He shares his own journey of spiritual awakening and how he overcame the battles with the ego. We explore how spirituality can be integrated into our everyday lives, and Aaron shares his insights on how to stay grounded while still experiencing the magic and synchronicities of life.

While we won’t be focusing too much on the Law of One in this episode, we’ll have a part two podcast dedicated to breaking it down. But for now, I’m excited to hear from Aaron directly about his incredible story, his teachings, and his wisdom.

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