Ep 198: Living an Aligned Life w/ Tracy Woods | Soul Seekr

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Welcome back to the Soul Seeker Podcast! It is great to be back after a refreshing break and some much-needed time off. Thanks for tuning back.

We are almost approaching our monumental 200th episode and 4 years of the Soul Seekr Podcast. But that’s not all, my fellow seekers. I have an exciting announcement to make. I’ve been brewing something special for you, and it’s finally here. Introducing Spirituality Simplified, my brand new YouTube channel. 

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On today’s show, I have the pleasure of interviewing Tracy Woods. Tracy is an incredible soul who founded the captivating store Set and Setting in Morrow Bay, California. From yoga to breathwork and plant medicine, her store is a haven of healing. Tracy herself is an alumni of my private container structured flow, and together, we explore the courage and bravery it takes to live an aligned life.

Are you ready to ignite your spirit and find your community? Then let’s jump into this episode with Tracy Woods. Stay tuned, fellow seekers, and I’ll catch you on the other side.



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