Ep 208: Being Imperfectly Impactful w/ Catherine Roten | Soul Seekr

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In a captivating episode of the Soul Seeker Podcast, host Sam Kabert sits down with Catherine Roten, who shares her transformative journey from the high-paced corporate world to embarking on an entrepreneurial path with a deep focus on mental health and mindfulness. Recorded just as Cat steps into her new role, this conversation offers a candid glimpse into the significant shift from enduring long workdays to seeking a life that’s more in tune with her personal well-being. Cat’s recent exploration into mental health, spirituality, and practices like breathwork reflects a broader theme of the episode: the importance of nurturing one’s soul and the impact of mindfulness in our professional and personal lives.

The episode not only provides insights into Cat’s personal evolution but also serves as a reminder of the potential within all of us to pursue a more fulfilling path. Sam and Cat emphasize the value of daily introspection, posing the thought-provoking question, “How can I feed my soul today?” This episode is a heartfelt call to listeners to embrace change, prioritize mental health, and explore mindfulness practices, reinforcing the podcast’s mission to support personal growth and raise collective consciousness. As the conversation draws to a close, listeners are encouraged to engage with the community by subscribing, leaving reviews, and following the journey of like-minded individuals seeking to make meaningful changes in their lives.





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