Ep 217: Integrating Spirituality into Workplace Culture w/ Eric Kaufmann | Soul Seekr

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Hey everyone, it’s Sam Kabert, and I’m so fired up to talk about spirituality and integrating it into workplace culture.

My guest is Eric Kaufmann, whose story I first heard on the Psychedelic Podcast with Paul Austin. I was just blown away by Eric sharing about going from the corporate hustle grind to selling nearly everything he owned and living simply in a cabin he built in the woods for a year, meditating. His journey of leaving that all behind for renunciation and deep spiritual practice, and then coming back to ask “what’s next?” and working to infuse spirituality into business is incredible.

In our conversation, Eric opens up about that transformative experience and his passion for bringing conscious leadership and mindfulness practices into professional environments. We go deep down so many esoteric rabbit holes while keeping it grounded in practical application. It’s a truly amazing talk that I know you’ll love!

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Thank you all so much for listening and being part of this journey. I hope Eric’s wisdom and our chat resonates with you on a deep level. Please share this powerful episode if you found it valuable! Let’s keep raising that vibe together.






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