Ep 225: Thrive Through it All w/ Former NFL Athlete Caleb Campbell | Soul Seekr

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Welcome back to the Soul Seekr Podcast! In this episode of the Soul Seekr Podcast, we welcome Caleb Campbell, a man who achieved his childhood dream of making it to the NFL, only to realize it wasn’t the life he truly wanted. Caleb, the second person ever to graduate from West Point and make it to the NFL, shares his journey of being drafted by the Detroit Lions. The realization that his dreams were driven by external validation, and his surprising transition to becoming a janitor in Canada. Caleb’s story is a profound exploration of the pursuit of success, the quest for personal fulfilment, and the importance of inner peace over external achievements.

Sam and Caleb discuss how to thrive amidst life’s challenges and focus on what truly matters. They delve into the importance of understanding one’s true desires and how to help the world at large. Enjoy this enlightening episode with Caleb Campbell and stay tuned for more inspiring stories.





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