Pilot Podcast: SOUL / Life Balance, Ayahuasca & What to Expect | Soul Seekr

Welcome to the Soul Seekr Pilot Podcast 

I’ve launched 8 podcasts in the past 3 years and Soul Seekr is my most recent, most passionate and proud Podcast yet. Soul Seekr is the product of journeying with plant medicine after facing a deep and dark pit of depression. In reality, my experiences with Ayahuasca & psilocybin are the reasons why I have been able to experience JOY once again.

I’m excited for you to join me on this ride we call life as together we will explore the meaning of it all…

Soul Seekr is a journey of self discovery, a personal journey, taken together. 

It is for those who have come to or who are arriving at the realization that there is more to life than work. I firmly believe that the work/life balance model is a myth and a dangerous one at that. 

There is something intrinsically broken with the work hard / play hard mentality that is not only damaging to our mental health and overall well-being, but destroying our relationships with loved ones and loosening the grip on our true selves.  

Despite living in an era of progress and abundance, with everything at our fingertips; depression rates continue to rise. In fact, the suicide rate is the highest it’s been in 70 years and is the second leading cause of death in Americans under 35 years old. This is serious! 

This balancing act between our materialistic lives with our spiritual lives is physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausting. It’s no wonder so many are struggling and losing that battle.

It’s time for a shift. It’s time to stop pouring ourselves outward and into our profession and instead, journey inward, to seek out and to nourish our soul. Forget the work / life balance and concentrate on a SOUL / Life balance.

No matter where you are on your journey, Soul Seekr is right there with you. It’s a personal quest, but that doesn’t mean you are alone. We are all on this soul-seeking journey together. 

Soul Seekr is about education, awakening, and shared experiences. Together, we shall explore topics of Spirituality, Consciousness and most of all, SOUL / Life Balance with the help of real-life and honest accounts from experts and friends. 

I hope this inspires you to pursue your highest level of excitement. If you want to be part of this ride, then please subscribe to the podcast and sign-up for emails to be notified when new podcasts go live: https://bit.ly/2YBDVhu 

Here’s to letting go of the things that no longer serve you,
Sam AKA SwagSam

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